There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Insert introductory blog here. Let me start by introducing myself. For blogging sake, I am Roxy Funk. My breathy confessionals have not begun here. My bloginfancy began on livejournal. On that account, you can find a lot of immaturity, tears, surveys, uneducated opinions and embarassing poetry. This was followed by numerous online journaling sites (deadjournal, xanga, blogger etc.) which then became blogging sites. & I hope to end my bloggery here at wordpress.

I am Roxy Funk, a girl born and raised in New York City, of questionable ethnicities, at least at first glance. I am a product of infidelity, youngest of 5 daughters, older than 2 bro-mos. Daddy’s girl and Mother’s mold influenced by the “freedoms” America has to offer.

Do I honestly think I can define myself in this entry? Absolutely not. Do I want to? Absolutely not. Most of my accounts have started as private blogs turned public turned abandoned. This is my first attempt at published work. I think for most writers, there is a need for clarity and variety all at the same time but we are all far too complex to always define ourselves.

I, personally cringe every time I hear someone start a sentence with, “I’m the type of person that…” While I may have excitedly vomited that at one point or another, I’ve since realized that knowing someone is a blessing and not a right. As my dear friend and heterosexual life mate Melissa has added before, we will find out who you are soon enough.

Keep reading, and you just might find out who I am.

Me Many Moons Ago


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