This is your brain…

I would like to actually see what happens to my brain every single time you’re not sober. There’s obviously tons of things going on inside of your head which is controlling your every thing. I need to see that. I want to meet my heart and lungs too. I think we could have a conversation and be reality tv and have Adam Sandler endings. I can put on my hard hat and run down to my toes and see what they think of my work shoes. Maybe there’s an elevator that takes you down the spinal cord and your back tells you what’s what. I need to know what it is that causes these insatiable feelings of gluttony.

When it comes down to it, the foodie in me dies guiltily in the fetal position as I eat Lindens 50 cent chocolate chip cookie packs and fantasize about spam. I once ate an entire toblerone bar. I hear Gitsy’s motor running and the rumbling in my belly is telling me I should go make some fried rice. In these moments, I lack food creativity.

Salt, pepper, adobo. I love adobo but I don’t think chefs should use it. It happens I guess. I do cringe when I scarcely see a Food Network personality use it in their “Latino cooking”. I’m almost embarassed for them. They’re like listen “Maria, just throw this in, add a jalapeno and its Tex-Mex week.”

That’s partially why I’m proud to be half breed and enjoy the secrets of Filpino food. We are undercover Asians and I’d like to keep it that way. There’s something exclusive about bonding over dishes that have so much influence its insane. Stay tuned folks, more on this next time when we will serve rice and eggs for dinner.

*photo found on the internet*

Also, Peruvian food is different from other South American countries. We don’t eat tortillas or arepas. There’s a potato in all our meals. Its expensive for no reason but has lots of seafood. Oh right, hello readers, my name is Roxy and I am half Filipina and half Peruvian.

*photo found on the internet*

Enough tangents for tonight, “That’ll do Pig.”


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