Video Killed The Radio Star

A lot of people say, Oh, I don’t watch television. As if its supposed to make a bold statement about the type of person you are for not falling for the fixations of the masses. The truth is we all watch televison sometimes, and yes, we do find shows interesting.

Disclaimer: I don’t watch much television because of my schedule and not having much channels BUT when I do, I can lay and watch it ALL day.

Today, I fell for channel 11’s teen dramas. On tonight’s regularly scheduled programming a show whose premise is that a man and woman are discovered by their long lost orphan daughter. Both parents are neurotic and/or childish leaving their blonde hair blue eyed daughter to play the role of the wise girl with the tough life and cute outfits.

I’ve caught a few episodes in the past and maybe the formulas nowadays are on super emotional steroids but this episode had hearts to hearts in every segment. The modern soap opera with twists of deceit, laced with sexual tension and ending with a clink of a glass and a sigh of relief that all would be well. TV shows make me always think of “Oh! *insert character’s name here*” Its all very slap stick ending with a familiar tune married to the predictable actions of our supporting cast.

Our next show is for just about everyone. We can all relate and it reaches to viewers ALL over, if you’re a rich teenager in New York with tons of outfits that no one wears outside and future fantastic cell phone capabilities. Everyone makes faces and bad decisions followed by social suicide and elaborate revenge schemes. Its like along with “Lights! Camera! Action!”, they yell “Faces!” somewhere in between.

I grew up watching Dawsons Creek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so don’t get me wrong about my own taste in television when I poke fun at today’s teenage soap opera. Due to the recent blasts from the bast in music video watching, I realized that there was A LOT that was under the radar for me when it came to really watching videos and listening to lyrics. There was a lot of crotches and sexual innuendos. Does this say anything about teen mothers of my generation? Did subliminal messages create little sexual monsters? A dear friend of mind told me about teenage orgy parties they took part in back in the day. I remember my highschool days and I can also recall some pretty gross images of junior high school dance humpery.

This brings me to my next train of thought, if the world will end in 2012, is there any point of bringing children into this world? Whether it ends or not, how can we let kids become influenced by the booty shaking, crotch grabbing, sexually demeaning galaxy we pay to live in? When you think about it, were paying for our own corruption, we’re quite indebted to it.

What ever happened to radio story telling programming? Oh thats right, predictable music countdowns and concert ticket contests.



  1. all those bubble-gum pop songs are subliminal messages that sexualize kids way too early. its like teaching them “sexual play”, brave new world style. i am so glad i was a sheltered child!

  2. Wow. I’m totally on the same page with this post. Its sad that this is an inescapable truth of our society. It does make me wonder what kind of future we’re building, and whether its worth anything.

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