MTA – Going No Way

*Photo taken by RoxyFunk*

A pleather red satchel and lovely nurse’s scrubs, a bedazzled velour hoodie. Excited-for-summer sandals in unprepared toes. Eiffel tower earrings versus silver starburst slinkies. The Children’s Place, a place for tupperware’d lunch, frayed jeans and your unscuffed Pumas. I’m sorry your arm was in my way. Lucky sitters and sleepers and kleenexed-fingered-train-pole grippers.

Yankees fan, Mets fan, the roaring train fan. You’re gonna die, stop smoking ads. Conversations between bestfriends, between coworkers and avoiding-eye-contact strangers. Whining baby with no shoes on & John Legend in her ears. I hope you all live on the next stop. Fruitless hand sanitizing. Judgemental-bad-mother glares. Double fisted pole holding, lady, you are fearless. (Bad)Newpapers, English, Hindi and Korean. Weaves, wigs, hijabs & ipods ipods ipods. No one lives here?

Help the mother with the stroller off. Glare at the standing-too-close business man. Keep your sunglasses on. Bookbags bag bumping & scatter like roaches, the train birthing a hundred commuters.



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