Write Club

The first rule of Write Club is you do not write about what you do not know.

The second rule of Write Club is you DO NOT write about what you do not know.

The third rule of Write Club is if your brain says STOP or goes limp, X out, your post is over.

The fourth rule is only a few photos to a post.

The fifth rule is only one post a day.

The sixth is no idea, no posts.

The seventh is posts will go on as long as they have to.

If this is your first time at Write Club, you have to WRITE!

Write Club

Write Club

*Art by Alexan Kolancian*

Okay, well no I am not starting a Write Club, just pondering the effects of the blog on writing and writers. Compare it to say, reality TV on acting and actors. For centuries acting has been an art not only for entertainment but expression as well. If acting were an art for our generation, pan to anorexic druggie in a gallery of shit stained walls. Art is subjective, right?

Nowadays, everyone thinks they’re gonna be the next Lindsay Lohan or crossover singer to actor. Is it not the easiest way to fame, get cast for “reality television”, make an impression, which is usually completely foolish and/or ignorant and then the Suits give you your own spin off shows & merchandising.  Heck, you get a clothing line and dance with a trained dancer judged by the world to prove your worth.

Well I think its the same for the world of bloggers (this is clearly a generalization). Ink stained thumbs and struggling were once the lives of writers a century ago, on the desperate search for being published. Now we pick our noses and type up our opinions and hit publish. Well, thanks to all the Perez Hiltons, your intellect is astounding. Wipe your ass with your left hand, type away with the right, hit enter and you’re a writer. Watch the world from a small window in a house on a hill and your opinions and intelligence becomes fact. Link upon link of “Please Read More…

& Yes, I am sitting in my high chair, wiping away the snarl with my bib, critical crumbs falling into its pouch, waving my chicken leg gavel.

The verdict:  Write from inspiration and write what you know. Find your own style and purpose and be consistent. No one will care about what you write if you do not care. But what do I know? I’m just writing the wrongs.



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