The Meaning

There is nothing in the meaning of in betweens, lines that are not there, meant to be there, looked for here and under there. There is nothing in a look, no meaning to a gaze, it is nothing but seeing and half sighted, near sighted bifocal’d squinting. Keep searching for the greener grass, the half empty glass, saving it all, the best for last. There is nothing there.

No meaning in a laugh, no truth and nothing to find. Words are just letters which charm their way through teeth, and they are just bones somewhere inside a mouth that is just flesh that finds a home inside my chest. You can sigh and say, whisper or belay and there is no meaning. Do not overthink the how comes and have nots of a promise. Read above on words and letters, the syntax of a shared laugh and the sweetness of a smile.

Do not go beneath rocks for waste and do not follow the rainbows of oil slicks. They are just colors. They say nothing cuts like a diamond, do not relate to engagements, promises-are not made with words that are just letters that sparkle like oil slicks in the sun. There is no meaning to what’s said and not said, to a look, to a sigh. You have no promises to be broken because letters do not break, they crack and fall to dust. No one needs a dusty idea, new or improved.

There is no thrill in your hands that search for warmth for the first time, for bed time & for the last time. A house is just a house, bricks and wood not warmth or cold-just gas and stone. Please do not see home in a human, no body can consume the materials of your bed. A bed is just a waiting place and not a home. The place where words crumble like eye crumbs and hands wander like phantoms.

A connection is temporary, is nothing is a connection. There is no meaning in a phone call, less meaning in a letter and there are no forevers here, there, today or tomorrow. There is no meaning in forever because forever can not happen if its just a fading word in a book, pages like teeth in the mouth that binds and decays, an eventual dying meaning.

There is no meaning in love just a waiting place with a lover made of bones in a home made of stones, making shriveled declarations on forever, dedicating rainbows that don’t glow. There was no meaning to your whisper, to your gaze, no meaning to a laugh. You can not promise forever, where’s the honesty in that?


1 Comment

  1. wow.
    your words make me sing and i look up to you (and not just because i was born that way – haha).
    i’m sitting here shaking my head and thinking, how does she do that?
    thank you, primus. you inspire me.

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