The In Between

That’s where I find you, soft eyes and sweet smile. Its intense, the initial distraction from the unavoidable attraction. There’s a land of first touches and sly crushes where you see me further than the truth, the truth is that you like me. Not to be defined by the cosmos of electric pulls and soft starry configurations but words unspoke like spokes of brainy cogs whispering sweet somethings while laughing at barely nothings.

That’s where you’ll find me in the betweens of your mouth that search for the tenderlies, making flowery declarations of your appreciation for the shape of my small blessings all the worth while of my undressing.

That’s where we are: beneath the meaning, between no lines, sleeping in the land of here & now and just above primal connection, riding trains of thoughts into dry walled frustrations.  Heavy sighs that sleep in nooks and warm the heart of uncertainty, thats where you’ll find me.


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