The Pedestal Jinx

The curse of the jinx. I’ve noticed that most interpersonal fights take place right after declaring gratitude and love for that very person you’re raving about. Be it friend, spouse or family. If I love you enough and let the world know, we’re probably not speaking the following week. This reminds me of those silly coin games you find at casinos and arcades, where there’s a bunch of quarters right at the edge, ready to fall and make you arcade rich. Then you throw all your coins in, excited to hear the clinking and clattering of your success, only to find little to no movement, only to be met with the very embarrassing disappointment of failure. That’s what my interpersonal relationships are. I’ll carry you on my back and place you up there on that pedestal, showing you off to the world. Then I watch you topple down and I look around, hoping no one noticed. I look around wishing you had never fallen.


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