Subway Sessions

Tinsle toes to panty hose, sleep lines her face and borrowed clothes. There’s a scar on her neck, shifting eyes and shifting blame. Families share deep fried nutrition and advertising is the name of the game. The scent of McDonald’s & Polo. Gym bags sportsac, stand here, lean back. The next stop is 149th street Grand Concourse. Fashionistas with boy hair and little girls with beaded braids. He wears his sunglasses at night, inside and on train rides. Transfers are available. Sandaled toes and fitted caps sway with subway sleep. Peeking into the window, an aquarium of dreams that bubble above head, reaching for the ads, vibrating with the announcements. Waking to missed stops and panhandlers, riding the nightmare express. We stay current with free papers that line dirty seats with half done sudokus and hopeful horoscopes. Stand clear of the closing doors, please. & Thank you for noticing the missed connection.


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