The Kindness of Strangers

After a quite stressful week at work and even more stressful evening, I slept with the intention of making it through a pay day friday packed with meetings and paperwork, followed by an even busier weekend. I slept with the intention of putting the negative behind me, which is hard when you wake up to the bullshit of commuting in New York City. I travel all around NYC for my job and find myself ranting about the inconsideration of commuters. Its eat or be eaten, push or be pushed into the tracks. Well, I woke up late for work every day this week and if I did not have a job where I could make my own schedule I would be worried however my sleep has been the escape from all things undesirable. So late for work, I rushed down the steps of the train station just as the train had arrived and as I tried to push past everyone else who was late, with only 2 turnstiles, I was sure I would miss it. A man exiting the train stepped forward toward the turnstile to exit just as I was trying to swipe to enter and instead of doing the New Yorker thing of walking through anyways, he turned around, walked back to the train and held the doors open for me. It is moments like this where Blanche Dubois reaches out and says, “Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.”


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