I don’t wanna be how they want me to be…

Life isn’t a bunch of shoulds and shouldn’ts. Why do we need to fit ourselves into a box? A box the bank owns, that owns us, that we pay for the rest of our lives. Living a death. Dying our lives, wishing away moments where we could lay beneath the sun with a drink in hand that makes us forget. Why do we need to do anything? Or live how they want us to live? The rhyme and reason for milestones and diamonds. Running on empty and running out of time. Always living to survive but never realizing that every breath we are granted is survival. What makes it all worth while, moments of smiles and laughter? Just moments? I want to trade in the security for light. I want to give away my stability for love. They say trees without roots fall down but tumbleweeds will reach farther than the shades of your leaves that leave you at the first sight of gray skies. What if there is no finish line? What about happiness as a lifestyle? What about love means that everyone should be okay before you are allowed to feel okay? What about faith makes sense? Look up with intention, talk with hope and listen with understanding. We need foundations to feel secure but what if we are our own foundation? Green is king of the paper world. Plastic and gold and platinum are more than flesh and blood. What is permanence but the impression we leave behind? Fossils for the history books of credit card numbers that took debt to the death. Meaning is what we make it. Make the meaning mean nothing. Let’s follow this road map for failure and fake smiles. Let’s own nothing but our bones and let them pump us with poison. I don’t believe in shoulds anymore. I’d rather take the path less chosen if that road leads me to love,


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