Mother Nature’s Revenge (2008)

What breathes beneath?
Blooming its vengeance
Life right from under
The under rug swept

What squirms beneath?
Mites and meats
The bugs under our feet
Roots that have ruined

‘tween ire and soil
The ignored and unknown
Polluted peonies and Rotten roses
Muddied with their malicious intent

Mother Nature has declared War on the US
No secretary of defense
To blow anything but a nose
What breathed beneath is starting to rise

The tenacious have been left for the tear gas
Women and children are crying too
The mass production begins
Advertisements, the tiny one-a-days, samples from the -stein’s & -bergs

X, Y’s & Z’s
Could cure us
From the sordid soil that breeds us

It all ends in explosion
“Bless You”


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